YAMI's Moombahton
Woah ! [Get Yami!]

this I did not expect haha! after messing around a couple of weeks and getting the hand of Moombahton, I decided to actually release a track. At first, nobody noticed the tune because I don’t have an actual network. So I decided to just share it with some friends. Next thing I know Neucore (Tronix) gives me a little promotion on his Facebook and before I knew it the tune is actually getting out there and downloaded ! thanks Carl ! By the way, expect more releases soon enough. I’ve got more coming up and it’s gonna be big !

I’m not throwing it all online in one go because that would just spoil the fun.Actually most of them need some finishing touches before they’re worth shitstains. that’s all I wanted to tell you guys!

I hate tomorrow morning: Monday morning.

ps. go check out my mate from Tronix, they’re great guys and making it big right now ! http://www.soundcloud.com/officialtronix/ you don’t wanna miss that train, seriously ! cya !