YAMI's Moombahton

Third release!

Third track for you guys! This one is a bit more heavy I guess. Let’s see if this one will have the same attention as the previous tune I released!

Aaaanyway! I The download is for free

And don’t forget to share the love folks!

YAMI - Air Raid (Original Mix) [Moombahton] Free Download! by YAMI tunes

2nd release [get YAMI #2]

guys guys, thanks for all the feedback on my tracks ! muchos appreciated!

right now, I’m working on the second and third release, as well as making concept clips for the album. So please excuse me for not uploading as many tracks as you’d like.

To Keep things tidy and easy to follow I decided to release a track once every 7 days, until the full EP is online and free for you to download.

just keeping you updated !