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Free around Februari couse I love you guys

It’s coming, just keep your eyes open around valentinesday, when we’ll destroy the world.

WARRIORS EP  (Forthcoming on Boink! Music Records)

It’s coming, just keep your eyes open around valentinesday, when we’ll destroy the world.

WARRIORS EP  (Forthcoming on Boink! Music Records)

Yami - TEASER [Rebirth Clip]
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ohohoho, the EP/Album is coming along greatly! I know you guys have to wait a week every single track is released, with the final thing released on my birthday, but I can give you guys a little teaser!

My first collaboration. I think it worked out pretty well! Very curious what you guys think of it. A week back, I came about Moombah Jokes his channel, and thought his sound was very distinctive and fucking awesome. So I asked him to do a collab, which he accepted enthusiastically and thus came: PROTOTYPE 2, a seriously trippy banger, haha!

Anyways go check him out! MoombahJokes


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Prototype 2 (Moombah Jokes & YAMI Original Mix) by YAMI tunes

Yami & Moombah Jokes

Second tune is UP, as promised! 

Together with some nice extra news, because Moombah jokes and I have collaborated on this trippy original ‘space’ mix: ‘Prototype 2’ Which I’ll post on here soon enough!

Also, this track is the first track to be posted on a blog! Woohoo! party cake! Go check out the whole collection at http://electrobangers.com/?p=2552 , it’s worth it. I feel proud to be listed besides all these awesome producers.

Anyway enjoy, and download if you like!

oh and don’t forget to share the love!

Nano Flavor (Original Mix) [Moombahton] Free Download! by YAMI tunes


Woah ! [Get Yami!]

this I did not expect haha! after messing around a couple of weeks and getting the hand of Moombahton, I decided to actually release a track. At first, nobody noticed the tune because I don’t have an actual network. So I decided to just share it with some friends. Next thing I know Neucore (Tronix) gives me a little promotion on his Facebook and before I knew it the tune is actually getting out there and downloaded ! thanks Carl ! By the way, expect more releases soon enough. I’ve got more coming up and it’s gonna be big !

I’m not throwing it all online in one go because that would just spoil the fun.Actually most of them need some finishing touches before they’re worth shitstains. that’s all I wanted to tell you guys!

I hate tomorrow morning: Monday morning.

ps. go check out my mate from Tronix, they’re great guys and making it big right now ! http://www.soundcloud.com/officialtronix/ you don’t wanna miss that train, seriously ! cya !

Hm, maybe some hot vocals could boost this tune a little more… 
You know, guess this would be Moombahcore rather than Moombahton because of the wobble. But I don’t give a shit. To me it’s all Moombahton and equally awesome. 
I put the download up for free, so spread the love folks!


YAMI - Fortnight [ Moombahton ] Free download! by YAMI tunes